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Why Lucky Duck?

People often come up to us and ask 'Why work at Lucky Duck?' Usually, our answer is something along the lines that working at Lucky Duck means you're part of a talented, creative, and inclusive family, full of passionate like-minded creators and problem solvers.

We'd probably mention the fact that our culture is geared towards working together at a sustainable pace to help ourselves, our friends, and our client partners to create amazing things in the digital world. We'd also likely say how we're proud that each person working at Lucky Duck has a tangible impact every day on our collective story.

Sometimes, however, we might answer more along the lines of 'Who are you, how do you know where I work, and why did you cross the street to ask me this?'... before politely asking you to leave us alone.

Working together, we've learnt that:

No one person's an expert at absolutely everything...

And we own that. Everyone has different strengths, so we work together as a team, to use all our collective strengths. Think of it like when the power rangers all combine into that cool big robot thing, but for websites.

We are Lucky...

Lucky to work with talented people, lucky to experiment with our skills, lucky to have clients and projects that inspire us, lucky to learn and create impact.

Those who solve together, stay together.

We love working together to solve problems, brainstorm and share ideas. We operate a strict no-judgement policy and respect everyone's ideas, so if you get stuck, no one's going to make fun of you and call you an idiot. Promise.

We like saying 'yes' as much as possible.

Yes. Oui. Sí. да. 是的. Those are just a few ways of saying 'yes'. Beyond the literal meaning though, we love to say yes to things you might ask us to do, too. Want to use a new language, tool, programme, or perfume? Yes, to all those requests, apart from the perfume one, we'd need to smell it first to check we like it.

Mr. Worldwide.

Much like Pitbull, we’re worldwide, which is to say we have team members all over the globe. We use cool tools like Slack and Zoom to create awesome things across continents. This means we have a diverse set of people and views, making for more creative work and more interesting discussions about what we ate the night before.

Lucky Duck is a place full of talented and creative people, that've helped me to expand and develop myself both on a professional and personal level.
Josh Cawthorne
Frontend developer
I love how down-to-earth and supportive the team is. I really feel like we’re all in this together, and everyone's enthusiasm for the work is infectious, it’s all just good vibes.
EmmaUX/UI Designer
Just some of the perks of working at Lucky Duck.
Work Remotely
Work remotely or from our brand new office. We just require you to be in the office 1-2 days a week to bond with the team, but other than that you’re free to choose where you prefer to work.
Flexi Time
Early riser or more of a night owl? Either is fine! Our core working hours are 9:30 am to 3:30 pm, but as long as you get your work done we are flexible about working times.
38 Days Paid Holiday
We offer 38 days of paid holiday and extra personal days to use as long as no one on your team is left in the lurch. You can also roll over 10 days of unused holiday at the end of each year.
Takeaway Fund
Every month you’ll get £25 to spend on your favourite takeaway. We also have an office wine subscription service and all-you-can-drink coffee from our fancy machine.
Personal Training Budget
You'll get a personal training budget of £1,000 to spend on courses, books or conferences that will help you do your job.
Wellness Allowance
Every month, you'll get up to £50 to put towards a service or experience that enhances your overall mental or physical wellbeing.
...and so much more.
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Senior Frontend Developer, React

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Lucky Duck, Mill 2, 1st Floor, Mabgate Mills, Leeds, United Kingdom, LS9 7DZ


Lucky Duck, WeWork Keltan House, 115 Mare St, Hackney, London, United Kingdom, E8 4RU
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Lucky Duck, Mill 2, 1st Floor, Mabgate Mills, Leeds, United Kingdom, LS9 7DZ
Lucky Duck, WeWork Keltan House, 115 Mare St, Hackney, London, United Kingdom, E8 4RU
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