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Lucky Duck is a leading design sprint agency with offices in London and Leeds. We're here to help you verify ideas, overcome challenges and deliver real value to your clients.

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We are uniquely positioned to work as your strategic on-going partner and also execute world class design.

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Some points about working with us. 

Using design sprints to validate your ideas and solve complex problems for your digital products is a great idea. Bringing a design sprint company on board is an even better one.  

When working with Lucky Duck, you’ll have the unique opportunity to bring your team together and challenge them to collaborate within a dynamic and distraction-free environment. Our team will guide you through a design sprint process that lets you compress months of ideation into days. Create a better experience for your clients with a result-oriented approach trusted by some of the most successful tech companies in the world.

The Fastest Growing Dating App in London

Quick. Quality. Stress free. There is trust that this design-conscious outfit build my website with the same attention to detail as when building their own. Double decent.

Max Adamski
Co-founder at Jigtalk

Design Sprint Methodology

Built on the foundations of design thinking, design sprints are a trusted approach for solving business challenges. 

Within just a few days we will help you ideate, define, prototype, and validate your ideas. Additionally, you will get priceless user feedback that will give you a better understanding of what your clients truly want. The design sprint will save you time and money - by getting feedback early on - and will make the design and development process more efficient and focused on solving real problems.

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A marketplace for five minute audio calls with the most interesting people in the world.

We have found incredible value in working with Lucky Duck, over the last 6 months. Sam and his team are one of the most valuable aspects to our business, and critical for our product development going forward.

David Orlic, Co-founder of Anyone
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Other services.

At our core, we are product strategists who use best design and development practices to create bespoke solutions for your business. We provide a range of experiences depending on your needs. You need a product partner or a 30 days subscription service with no fixed scopes? You got it.

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If you need a best in class UX/UI design partner to help build something that matters, look no further. Lucky Duck is a design sprint company with a track record of delivering easy-to-use, intuitive and great-looking products. We rely on smooth communication in our teams, professionalism, and passion for every new project. Partner with one of the best design sprint agencies in London and the UK.

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You probably have questions about design sprints.

What is a design sprint?

A design sprint is a five-step process based on the principles of design thinking. It helps companies solve complex business challenges in days. Learn more about the methodology in this article.

When is the best time to do a design sprint?

Whether you are starting from a napkin sketch or you have an established enterprise product at Lucky Duck, we can help you ideate, design, prototype, and validate your next big idea using design sprints.

Who should be involved?

First, you need a decision-maker. You should also include a designer, developer, marketing person, and finance expert. The best number of participants is 4-7.

How much time do you need for a design sprint?

Depending on the complexity of your project, anywhere between a day and two weeks. For more detailed information, or if you have any further questions, email us at

Is design sprint good for startups?

Yes! Design sprints are a great way to build your product from the ground up. However, it is a trusted approach in big companies, too. That is the beauty of that approach - everybody can extract value from it.

Do I need a design sprint agency?

If you have never run a design sprint before, you better turn to the experts for help. A design sprint company will save you time and make the process smoother and effective.

When to run a design sprint?

You can use design sprints to validate new projects and ideas but also to develop new features. When you have an unsolvable issue, that method can give you new perspectives and help you overcome them. 

Is a remote design sprint effective?

Yes. A remote design sprint can be as effective as the traditional one. It also gives you a great opportunity to cooperate with colleagues from different parts of the world and overcome challenges together.

Design sprints success stories.

Design sprints are widely used in different industries. Some of the companies that use design sprints to overcome crucial business challenges: Google, Slack, Uber, Airbnb, and so on.

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Lucky Duck, Mill 2, 1st Floor, Mabgate Mills, Leeds, United Kingdom, LS9 7DZ
Lucky Duck, WeWork Keltan House, 115 Mare St, Hackney, London, United Kingdom, E8 4RU
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