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Lucky Duck is a UI/UX design and software development agency based in Leeds and London. We deliver world-class digital products and help both startups and big enterprises to bring their ideas to life. We are happy to be recognised as one of the best software development agencies in the region.

Why you need a product partner

We are strategists who also execute complex UI/UX design and custom software development projects.


The importance of choosing the right software development agency.

Finding a great technology partner is much like starting any other excellent business relationship. You should look for a great strategist, with the talent and expertise to execute with ease. And also it should be someone, you like and can easily get along with. 

At Lucky Duck, we have a culture of innovation and specialize in building world-class digital products. We value great communication both in our teams and with our partners. We also know our technologies and enjoy creating products that work well.

The Fastest Growing Dating App in London

Quick. Quality. Stress free. There is trust that this design-conscious outfit build my website with the same attention to detail as when building their own. Double decent.

Max Adamski
Co-founder at Jigtalk

React and React Native

At Lucky Duck, your business needs come first. We use a five-step innovation approach created by agile methodologies to discover the problem you’re trying to solve, define the key objectives and create a custom strategy. Then we design, build, test, and iterate to truly meet your clients’ needs.

We write clear code that gets results, using React and React Native frameworks and deliver unique web and mobile experiences.

Looking for something on paper?

Why not take a look at our portfolio.
Full-stack Development
Web Application
Web Development
Product Strategy
Marketing Website

Developed an online therapy platform for counsellors, psychotherapists, and their clients. Enabling its members to better run their practices with an online tool-set and connect them with those who need mental health services.

Your team has been indispensable to position ourselves as a cutting edge mental health company with an international searchable directory for our community of therapists from around the world.

Aaron Balick, Director at Stillpoint Spaces, acclaimed author and counsellor
Our Work
Stillpoint Spaces
Full-stack Development
Web Development
Mobile Application
Product Strategy
Marketing Website

A marketplace for five minute audio calls with the most interesting people in the world.

We have found incredible value in working with Lucky Duck, over the last 6 months. Sam and his team are one of the most valuable aspects to our business, and critical for our product development going forward.

David Orlic, Co-founder of Anyone
Our Work

Our Startup Culture.

We are a diverse team of creative problem solvers who value delivering high-quality work that achieves results. Everyone on the team is accessible and collaboration is encouraged because each person brings their unique skills and experiences to the table.

Our five-step innovation process.

You’ll work with UX/UI design and development teams who have a track record of delivering world-class digital products and experiences. Our success is rooted in a five-step innovation process created from agile methodologies and mixed with our unique approach.

Ask us about it

You probably have questions about software development.

Why do you need a design and development agency?

Hiring a design agency is much like hiring any other team of experts to help you overcome a challenge. No matter how complex a project is, working with Lucky Duck saves time, as we use approaches that help you get vital user feedback early on. We have expertise in creating and refining amazing-looking products that work well and can help you solve issues that seem unsolvable.

What types of projects do we usually do?

At Lucky Duck, we create mobile and web applications, marketing communication websites, and e-commerce solutions that help you stand out from the competition. Check out some of our favorite projects or download our portfolio.

What types of plans do we offer?

The type of engagement depends on your needs. If you need a product team, we can offer you a low-commitment 30 days partnership. If you have an unsolvable issue, we can suggest running a Design Sprint, which will give you a unique new perspective about the challenge you’re facing. Having a more complex project? We got you covered.

What types of clients do we usually work with?

We partner with companies from different industries to create value for users. We have experience with tech, healthcare, construction, FinTech, PropTech, and others. We’ve worked with startups, big enterprises, and anything in between.

What is React Native?

React Native is a framework for developing mobile applications for Android and iOS, which was introduced by Facebook, Inc. in 2015. React Native is one of the most popular technologies that we use to create digital experiences. For more information on the subject check out our blog.

How does design strategy affect business?

Design strategy can boost your business outcomes. The design process allows us to constantly tackle unknowns and build something extremely successful out of it. Learn more. 

Open positions.

We are constantly growing and searching for motivated individuals to join our team. Currently, we are looking for a react native developer and UX/UI designer. To find out more about the openings, check out our careers page.

Our company culture.

We are a diverse team of creative problem solvers who value delivering high-quality work that achieves results. Everyone on the team is accessible and collaboration within the teams and with clients is encouraged.

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Lucky Duck, Mill 2, 1st Floor, Mabgate Mills, Leeds, United Kingdom, LS9 7DZ
Lucky Duck, WeWork Keltan House, 115 Mare St, Hackney, London, United Kingdom, E8 4RU
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