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We partner with the next generation of technology businesses to design, build, and ship digital products.
UX / UI and development agency

Five step
innovation process.

Our success is rooted in a five-step innovation process created from agile methodologies and ideas from silicon valley startups, and our own secret sauce.
UX / UI and development agency

Product team

Our one of a kind service model, with no fixed scopes, flexibility to pivot, and flat fee billing. Big agency deliverables with small agency hustle.

Why you need a product partner

We are uniquely positioned to work as your strategic on-going partner and also execute world class design.


Design that gets results

Lucky Duck is a user experience design and development agency that provide big agency deliverables, with small agency hustle. If you want a best in class UX/UI design partner to help build something that matters, and generates real business results. Look no further.

We create forward-thinking customer experiences.

Finding a great design partner is much like finding any other excellent business relationship. First, you need to find someone with serious talent, and then you have to find someone you can seriously get along with. Lucky Duck is a boutique agency with a culture of innovation and we are continuously driven by our purpose to create impact through design.

The Fastest Growing Dating App in London

Quick. Quality. Stress free. There is trust that this design-conscious outfit build my website with the same attention to detail as when building their own. Double decent.

Max Adamski
Co-founder at Jigtalk

Partners not vendors

What working with Lucky Duck looks like?

We deliver more value as a partner than as a vendor. We'll either plug into your existing product team as a collaborator and sparring partner or be the product team. Each month we'll help shape the roadmap and define objectives and metrics for success together.
Our commercial model is completely unique and is based around true partnership. We know large fixed scopes don't work, and nobody likes hourly billing. So we've torn up the long contracts and innovated a service model that allows you to pivot whenever you want to and go as fast as you need to.

Our one of a kind service model

Our commercial model is completely unique and is based around true partnership. We know large fixed scopes don't work, and nobody likes hourly billing. So we've torn up the long contracts and innovated a service model that allows you to pivot whenever you want to and go as fast as you need to.
  • Flat fee billing
  • 30 day limited commitment
  • Flexibility to pivot
  • No padded scope, no change orders
  • Scale up or scale down anytime

Looking for something on paper?

Why not take a look at our portfolio.
Web Application
Marketing Website
Full-stack Development
Product Strategy

Stillpoint Spaces

Developed an online therapy platform for counsellors, psychotherapists, and their clients. Enabling it's members to better run their practices with an online tool-set and connect them with those who need mental health services.
“Your team has been indispensable to position ourselves as a cutting edge mental health company with an international searchable directory for our community of therapists from around the world.’’
Aaron Balick, Director at Stillpoint Spaces, acclaimed author and counsellor
Our Work
Stillpoint Spaces
Mobile Application
Marketing Website
Full Stack Development
Product Strategy


A marketplace for five minute audio calls with the most interesting people in the world.
“We have found incredible value in working with Lucky Duck, over the last 6 months. Sam and his team are one of the most valuable aspects to our business, and critical for our product development going forward.’’
David Orlic, Co-founder of Anyone
Our Work

Our five-step innovation process.

You’ll work with UX/UI design and development teams who have a track record of delivering world class digital products and experiences. Our success is rooted in a five-step innovation process created from agile methodologies and our own secret sauce.
Ask us about it

You probably have questions.

What are your areas of focus as a UI/UX and development agency?

We live, eat, and breathe digital products. Our consultancy is truly specialised in UX/UI design and development. Our main office is based in Leeds and our other office is in London, our company focuses typically on mobile / web applications, and large scale marketing websites.

The UX/UI projects we take on can range from an immersive design sprint to a long term design partnership. We position ourselves as the high-level strategic partner that you need as well as the team that can rapidly execute. Our UX/UI design capabilities include: user research, design sprints, design thinking, product strategy, user interface, user experience design, usability testing, and hi-fidelity prototyping.

What separates Lucky Duck from other top UX and web design agencies?

There are many competent UX/UI agencies in the UK and even more over the world. It’s hard to be different when the standard is so high. So how do we stand out? First and foremost, it’s the quality of our world class UX/UI design work and development. The digital products and user interfaces we create are easy to use, look great, disrupt industries and will be loved by your users.

Then, it’s the people who make your project a reality. We always assign a multidisciplinary team of senior UX UI designers, developers, and our projects are all led by our CEO who has been involved in some of the most exciting products in the world. Finally, unlike most traditional digital design firms and user experience designers, we combine creative and product design capabilities under one roof and on the same project. Imagine a branding firm meets a UI UX design agency — that’s us.

Can your UX design agency help me with my type of project?

Our design team can help you with any type of digital experience you want to create. Typically those projects are digital products like mobile or web applications. But we also create award-winning marketing websites that convert well and get shared like crazy. Our UX/UI designers are vastly skilled in all types of projects across different sectors. We’d love to here about your vision.

Do you do branding or should I hire a separate branding agency?

Our projects generally involve some aspect of brand design. However we are an agency who is truly specialised in UX/UI design and software development, so we tend to partner primarily with brands who have a brand strategy in place and some starting visual guidelines.

We’ll then extend and enrich these to take your visual design to the next level. For companies who have no brand strategy and visual identity in place whatsoever we typically join forces with a partner who specialises in branding.

How much does it cost to hire you for a UI/UX design project?

Our project is always related to the scope of work. We have some fixed-fee options for smaller projects and then for all of our larger projects we work on a flat-fee monthly 30 day rolling partnership subscription which you can scale up or scale down depending on how fast you want to go. We’ll always make sure to provide realistic expectations of whats possible within the budget we agree together.

Because of our streamlined model, we are incredibly competitively priced compared to our competitors offering world class design. Reach out to find out more about how your specific project pricing.

Do you work with startups? If so, how can my early‑stage company afford you?

You’ll see from our portfolio, as well as working with enterprise brands we love to work with innovative and disruptive startups. Our mantra has always been about bringing great ideas to life, and working with the technology teams of the future.

We offer the top-level rates for everyone, but we are incredibly competitively priced compared to our competitors offering world class design. We also occasionally partner on a combination of sweat equity / billable costs with some startups via Lucky Duck Labs.

Can you help us redesign our legacy enterprise/B2B software?

We have lots of experience working with legacy software and complicated user journeys. We’ll help you take your software to the modern era and find simplicity within complexity.

We’ve got plenty of experience both working with independently and alongside in house teams in collaboration or simply as a design sparring partner. We can help you get projects completed, shake things up, and bring your idea to life fast.

What does your design and development process look like?

We have a tried and tested five-step process created from agile methodologies used by silicon valley startups, leading technology companies, and our own secret sauce. Our first step is to discover the problem your solving, what the key objectives are, and define our strategy. From there lets make it tangible with early design concepts and create a prototype we can test with real users. All of our development work is code reviewed and built in a modular manor. We try to get shipping as soon as possible, collect data, user feedback, and rapidly iterate.

How can I get a proposal for my project?

The first step to getting a proposal for your project would be contacting us via [this link]( or emailing us on our studio co-ordinator or CEO will get back to you within 48 hours. Feel free to provide as many or as little details as you want to at this stage, but helpful things to touch on can be the brief, timeline, budget, and some background about you and your company.

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Lucky Duck, Mill 2, 1st Floor, Mabgate Mills, Leeds, United Kingdom, LS9 7DZ
Lucky Duck, WeWork Keltan House, 115 Mare St, Hackney, London, United Kingdom, E8 4RU
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