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What if you could talk to Anyone?

A marketplace for five-minute voice calls with the most interesting people on the planet.

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Ideating, designing, and building a marketplace for five-minute conversations, enabling anyone to share their knowledge and experience. In just 6 months.




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A marketplace for
five-minute conversations.

A five-minute call can save you hours of Googling. As much as we want AI and robots to solve all of our problems, sometimes it pays to speak to a real person. Anyone is a marketplace to access expertise and a second-income for those that can help others solve problems.
Voice is the OS of the 2020s.
Alexa, what's your CACR?
Business phone calls in 2020.
Voice messages sent daily.
From gig to passion economy.
Monthly income for Podia top creator
Taken courses on ThinkIFic
Cameo Series B for influencer marketplace.
Return of human intelligence.
Monthly Quora users.
Of Google is Wikipedia.
Use Call now on Google.

The story of Anyone

Alfred Malmros, former Googler and ex-CMO of Alphabet company Jigsaw, spent a large portion of his career tackling conversation design. He partnered with one of Sweden's most awarded communication experts David Orlic to tackle the return of human intelligence.

No video calls.
No text messages.
No never-ending conversations.

Both teams sat down together with coffee in a conference room in Walthamstow and came together to define what would become the MVP vision of Anyone. We did this by looking at the passion economy, consulting as an industry and marketplace ecosystems.

What did we learn?

  • Social media and technology have become a force of polarisation that divides people rather than bringing us together.
  • People are sick of paying consultants to deliver obscure objectives on a per hour model.

We decided it didn't have to stay that way. Anyone would drive the return of the phone call, and all conversations should be set with a fixed price and be just five-minutes in length. Then, we took a sharpie and started sketching the Anyone profile interface on a whiteboard.

Taking the strange out of talking to strangers.

We knew that providing Anyone's experts with a platform to display their story and experience was going to be key in getting callers to ask a question, pitch an idea, or get a second opinion.

We also knew that with any marketplace platform, you need to have a safe environment with vetted experts. We built a rating and review system so that all users can leave feedback and a verification system so that all experts on the platform would be who they say they are. After the call, you'd get a real-time call transcript so that you could revisit your conversation and report any issues to the Anyone team.

The race to Demo Day.

Our teams collaboratively spent the next two months building the minimum viable product of the Anyone iOS app. All in a race to present in front of investors, influencers, and entrepreneurs at a large Demo Day in Sweden.

See Anyone CEO David pitch on stage

From there, we worked week by week gathering user feedback, making product iterations, gaining traction, and launching new in-app events every week. We are currently working with Anyone to nail the-product-market fit, launch an Android app and a web platform, adapt for scale, and craft great five-minute conversations for users all over the world.

Detail orientated from process to delivery. With Lucky Duck, we knew our final product was going to be right after the first meeting.
Toma Paro
CCO @ Koleda

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Lucky Duck, WeWork Keltan House, 115 Mare St, Hackney, London, United Kingdom, E8 4RU
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