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An online tool-set for counsellors and a marketplace for those seeking mental health services.

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We developed an online therapy platform for counsellors and their clients. Enabling their members to better run their practices and connect them with those who need mental health services.





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Remaining mental health services for a remote world.

These days Psychoanalysis is usually perceived as a traditional industry. Only a few people outside it realise that Sigmund Freud was a cutting edge disrupter and an innovator.

Stillpoint Spaces is an international community for the psychologically curious. They have helped thousands find mental health services and have further empowered hundreds of counsellors to better run their practices.

When renowned author and counselling thought leader Aaron Balick and Stillpoint Spaces operations director Rafaela Hounder approached us with this project, they told us about their journey on this path of innovation in mental health services so far.

They wanted a strategic product partner who would help them promote the platform, expand their online presence, and help them to continue their journey empowering counsellors with technology.


Navigating spaghetti junction.

We work with clients at all different stages of their journey, Stillpoint Spaces were half-way through their mission when we became involved. They had built an initial MVP of the online platform but wanted to take it to the next level, focus on the promotion of their online services, and ensure compliance with the latest secure payment regulations.

Both teams sat down in their London office and tackled the first challenge: defining a user experience strategy that would appeal to counsellors, academics, and those seeking mental health services.

How we started.

  • Created multiple user personas
  • Conducted and presented UX research
  • Explored existing technical architecture
  • Accommodated the project for four international regions.
  • Ran a Google Ventures Design Sprint.
  • Created a concept prototype.

Shopping around.

Aaron told us that most psychological services are delivered in ways that disincentivise people to take them up.

If you want to find the right counsellor, the existing approach has been a case of trial and error which can get quickly very expensive. Our collective mission with the counselling gallery was to create a marketplace platform which would help those seeking mental health services make the most informed decision possible when finding their therapist.

Connecting people through a secure payment system.

Stillpoint Spaces mission is not only to help those seeking mental health services, but also those providing them with their practice management software.

Our first task was making the existing technology fully compliant with new SCA financial regulations. Next we rebuilt out the entire invoicing portion of the platform and then rebuilt the authentication backend.

As we continue to work with Stillpoint Spaces to build the best practice management software in the industry and make mental health services easier to access, our future challenges include taking the community elements of Stillpoint Spaces online and enhancing the traditional therapy tool-set with technology.
Your team has been indispensable to position ourselves as a cutting edge mental health company.
Aaron Balick
Director @ Stillpoint Spaces

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Lucky Duck, Mill 2, 1st Floor, Mabgate Mills, Leeds, United Kingdom, LS9 7DZ
Lucky Duck, WeWork Keltan House, 115 Mare St, Hackney, London, United Kingdom, E8 4RU
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